Microsoft Word is the most used word processor in the private and professional domain.

Microsoft Office Word - ADVANCED

Microsoft Word is the most used word processing software in the private and professional field. It allows you to create and process complex and large documents.

Target audience
This course is designed specifically for people who need to produce complex documents such as tables, multi-page reports (incorporating data from other programs), information brochures or direct mail.

Master advanced functions and automate program functions such as merge and mail merge, create tables, forms, a table of contents, index, sort data, use footnotes page and end of document as well as advanced options management.

One week at half time, maximum 6 participants per class

Initiation to Windows 7, 8, 10, Word Base


Teaching method
The course "Word Base" is based on a theoretical support, the practice by means of exercises related to the current professional situations as well as a personalized coaching by a trainer. Each participant has a workstation.

Course content
Arrays (create, move, select, insert / delete row or column)

Formatting tables (formatting, width, height, merge, split, resize)

Models (creation and use)

Forms (creation, protection, printing)

Direct mail (preparation, data source, main document, merge, sort, keywords)

Mail merge options (changing the data source, deleting a record, different types of merging, envelopes, and labels)

The publication (column effect, drop cap, text box, image, shapes and SmartArt)

Management of long documents (text hierarchy, page breaks, section breaks, tables and indexes)

Certificate / Certificate
Certificate of participation
Certificate if the final test passed successfully
Level reached on request



20 hrs / 1 week 

English or French 

Groups of  4 – 6 participants


CHF 700.-


Start every day

Contact us for all the details.

Schedule of classes:

Monday Friday

8:30 - 12:45

13:30 - 17:45

18:00 - 20:00