Microsoft Windows is the most used operating system
in the private and professional field.


Microsoft Windows is the most used operating system on a PC. This basic course, designed specifically for beginners, is an essential preparation to understand and use a computer table, laptop or smartphone of the Microsoft world.

Target audience
This course is for beginners.

Know the main elements of the Windows environment.
Master basic Windows features such as file and device management, Windows desktop, windows, accessories, and more.

Prerequisites for this training

Teaching method
The "Initiation to Windows" course is based on a theoretical support, the practice using exercises related to current professional situations, and a personalized coaching by a trainer. Each participant has a workstation.

Course content

  • Presentation of a computer

  • Windows and its environment

    • The start button and the taskbar

    • Windows, accessories and trash

    • The control panel

    • Programs provided with Windows

  • Work with Windows

    • Start a program

    • The notion of file: creation, opening, recording, printing and closing

    • Cut, copy, paste

    • Creating, moving, deleting a folder or file

    • The organization of the workstation

    • Quit Windows

    • Windows Explorer

  • The structure

    • Directory creation

  • File search

Attestation / Certificate

Certificate of participation
Certificate if the final test is successfully passed
Certificate of level reached delivered on request



20 hrs / 1 week 

English or French 

Groups of 4 – 6 participants


CHF 700.-


Start every day

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Schedule of classes:

Monday Friday

8:30 - 12:45

13:30 - 17:45

18:00 - 20:00