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How long should my hair be to wax?

Hair grows in many cycles. To get optimum results, please let your hair grow at least two weeks from shaving. Hair should be a minimum of ¼” but a bit longer will give a better result. If we’re waxing your legs, let it grow a month if you can. The longer the better!

Is my hair too long to wax?

Usually, too long isn’t an issue. Sometimes if it’s on the longer side, it can cause a bit more discomfort. If pubic hair is longer than an inch, you can trim it if you’d like (but is not necessary!) If you do want to trim, be sure NOT to trim it shorter than ½”. If the hair is too short, then the wax won’t grab it.

What can I do to prepare my skin for waxing?

Be sure skin is exfoliated well leading up to your appointment, but avoid exfoliating the day of. Skin should be well moisturized, but avoid creams/oils/lotions the day of your appointment. Taking pain relievers/anti-inflammatories prior to your appointment can take the edge off and reduce post-waxing inflammation. Follow package instructions for your preferred over-the-counter pain reliever/anti-inflammatory 30-60 minutes prior to your appointment. Do not drink alcohol before your appointment. It can thin your blood and increase the risk of bleeding. Avoid excessive amounts of caffeine as it can make you more sensitive.

What type of wax do you use?

After lots of testing, I found a wax that is incredibly gentle, thourough, not sticky, and made by a solo esthetician. Besides being a superior product, supporting a fellow female business owner is a huge bonus. The wax is like a hard and soft hybrid. It slightly sets like a hard wax but then is removed with a strip like a soft wax. Clients constantly comment that it is far less painful than other waxes as well as they experience less irritation. This wax does contain bees wax so if there is an issue with a bee product, I do have a soy based wax that can also be used.

What should I expect after waxing?

You should be smooth and hair free!! Everyone's skin and hair is different so it’s hard to know exactly how your skin will react. Most people can expect to be red and sensitive. Pin-prick bleeding can be normal where the hair was removed. Some people may even experience a histamine reaction. You should also expect to be hair free for a couple of weeks. The hair will then slowly start to grow in. At that point, you’ll need to wait another 2-4 weeks to allow all the hair to grow to waxing length.

I got waxed but I see some short hairs left behind. Is that normal?

When you first start waxing, it may take a few waxes to get your hair growing on the same hair growth cycle, especially if you’ve previously been shaving. While I will wax and even tweeze some, there is always a chance that some short ones are left behind. If you plan to come back in 4-6 weeks, let them be. We’ll get them next time! Overtime, your waxes will get smoother and last longer.

How long should I wait before waxing again?

Preferably, you should wax every 4-6 week. When you wax every 4-6 weeks, you wax your hair in its first stage of growth. When you wax it in the first stage of growth, it causes the most amount of damage to the follicle. The more you damage the follicle, the less the hair will grow.

Can I shave in between waxes?

Not if you want the full benefits of waxing! (see “What are the benefits of waxing?" below)

What are the benefits of regular waxing?

-Smooth and even skin -Slowed hair growth -Finer hair growth (no blunt, coarse hair like you get from shaving) -Less and less hair overtime -Less irritation and inflammation -No cuts from razors

Does waxing hurt?

Unfortunately, yes! While I can make it less painful, pulling a hair from its root will always cause discomfort. There are some topical numbing creams/sprays out there but I do not recommend these being they leave a greasy film on your hair that makes it difficult to wax. You can always take some ibuprofen before your appointment to help with inflammation.

What should I do after waxing?

Be sure to keep the area clean for the next 24-48 hours. After waxing, your follicles are open and are more susceptible to bacteria. If bacteria does get in your open follicle, it can cause an infection. So, skip the gym, hot tubs, saunas, long bike rides, friction (this includes sex) for 24-48 hours (these are just some examples, always use your best judgement on post-waxing activity) Also, do not touch the area. Our hands can be quite filthy and you don’t want to transfer that to your freshly waxed skin. There are lots of post-waxing products to keep the area clean. We can chat about that during your wax if you’d like.

What should I do in between waxing appointments for best results?

First, do not shave! This will negate all the benefits gained from waxing. Exfoliate the area as your skin will tolerate. I use Smooth Operator by Just The Strip which helps remove dead skin to allow the hair to grow out properly. If the follicle opening is blocked by dead skin, it can cause the hair to ingrow. You should also moisturize properly. Keeping the skin and hair soft, will allow the wax to do its job better, giving you better results.

I have an ingrown hair. What should I do?

Resist the urge to pick! I understand, it's fun! But you can cause a lot of damage and then it ends up looking worse than it did in the beginning. Be sure to exfoliate regularly. Smooth Operator helps prevent ingrowns, as well as get rid of current ones faster. If you're seeing me soon, let it be. I’ll take a look and assess if it's ready to be extracted. If it's not ready, we’ll discuss options.

Are there any medications that can prevent me from waxing?

Yes! It’s always wise to check for contraindications of the medication you are taking or talk to your physician or pharmacist. If you are using (or have used) any of these medications, please reach out to me so we can discuss waxing options. If you are using any medication that is not listed but is causing any disruption in your normal skin function, please contact your doctor prior to waxing. -Accutane (please wait at least 6 months after use to get waxed) -Adapalene -Antibiotics -Avage (Tazorac) -Clindamycin -Avita -Differin -Doxycycline -Erythromycin -Isotretinoin -Madifloxicine -Metronidazole -Minocycline -Other acne medications -Renova -Tazarac -Tazarotene -Tetracycline -Topical Antibiotics -Tretinoin Some of the following products can cause your skin to be sensitive. Please let me know if you are using them and/or discontinue use prior to waxing. -Alpha Hydroxy Acids (AHA-glycolic, lactic) -Blood Thinners (or any medication that thins your blood) -Retinol -Salicylic Acid (BHA) -Peels/Laser/Microdermabrasion

What skin diseases or issues prohibit you from being waxed?

-Sunburned skin (ouch!!!) -Cold Sores -Raised moles or skin tags (if you have one hiding in hair, please let me know!) -Lesions or open wounds -Varicose veins -Scar tissue from recent procedures -Recent tattoos -Infected Ingrown hairs

Do you offer brazilian waxing for men?

I currently do not have the skill set to wax male anatomy. There are many places around the metro that do offer these services and are very proficient.

I have little white bumps, what happened?

Those are typically infected follicles (folliculitis). To avoid this, please read above for what to do after your wax. Mild cases of folliculitis often improve with at home care. You can apply a warm compress multiple times a day, apply over-the-counter antibiotics, apply soothing lotions (like hydrocortisone), clean the affected area (gently wash with antibacterial soap), and protect the skin. As with anything you are applying, be sure you are not allergic or have any sensitivities to the product. If the issue persists, please see a doctor.

What is your cancellation policy?

I require 24 hours notification to cancel or move an appointment. I understand that things happen so I will allow some late cancellations with no penalty. If late cancellations becomes a habit, I will then charge 50% of the service fee. If a client no-shows their appointment, I will first reach out to make sure everything is ok. After a no-show, I will require prepayment for future services. If that appointment is then no-showed, that prepayment will be used to cover the service and no refund will be issued. If a prepaying client has a good track record for awhile, I will no longer require prepayemnt. Late cancellations effect me and other clients who may have been looking for an appointment but couldn't get in, Please be courteous of other clients and my time.

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