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For Geneva taxpayers and "Frontaliers".

This grant is a result of the State wanting to encourage the professional development of adults, whatever their line of activity may be. This grant allows you to finance a minimum of 40 hours of classes which can be used for professional development purposes; up to 750.- Swiss Francs per person per year.

It is granted on the basis of the applicant's gross annual income, civil status and personal assets. The Annual Grant for Continuing Education may be granted for three consecutive years.

Who can benefit from an Annual Grant for Continuing Education?

  • Persons over 18 who have both been living and paying taxes in the canton of Geneva for at least one year at the start date of the requested course.

  • Persons over 18 who have held a "frontalier" work permit for at least one year at the start date of the requested course.

  • Swiss nationals over the age of 18 living in neighboring France (zone frontalière) who have been working in the canton for at least one year at the start date of the requested course.

How does one request an Annual Grant for Continuing Education?

  • Contact Linguaviva. Identify your training needs and ensure that the course applied for corresponds to your level. Register for a course of your choice, pay registration fee. Linguaviva will take care of your application for the Grant and it's follow-up.

More info:



The training fund or the temporary sector

Anyone subject to the Collective Agreement on Work Rental of Services benefits from subsidized continuing education.

Temporary workers are entitled to financial support of up to CHF 5,000 for continuing training and up to CHF 2,300 for loss of earnings compensation.

More info: The procedure and conditions are available on the website of  Tempservice.



This Bon is one of the most unique gift ideas !

It is now possible with the training voucher set up by the FSEA (Swiss Federation for Continuing Education).

Thanks to this Bon (Learning Voucher) businesses and individuals can offer and use the voucher for more than 20,000 courses across Switzerland.

MTC Training supports the Continuing Education Bond and is one of the approved providers.

More information:

The procedures for the purchase and use of the Continuing Education Bond are available at


INvalidity INSURANCe

Occupational Rehabilitation Measures for Disability Insurance (AI)

Under the Federal Act on Invalidity Insurance (LAI), the Offices AI of the cantons provide benefits to persons whose fitness to work is restricted for health reasons and whose condition is likely to become chronic.

Among adult benefits, the IA may provide professional measures, such as reclassification that meets the needs of people whose state of health decreases earning capacity and causes economic loss.

These measures, which include training, are aimed at maintaining or reintegrating insured persons into the labor market.

As a service provider and privileged partner of the AI ​​offices, the MTC training center contributes to the vocational rehabilitation of insured persons in many sectors of activity.

All registration is done through the vocational rehabilitation counselor (AI, PPE).

All information and documentation is available on the website of the Office AI of the canton of Geneva or the canton of residence.

Professional measures are granted under certain conditions set by law and according to the professional project developed with your rehabilitation counselor.



Funding under the Geneva Rehabilitation and Individual Social Assistance.

Social assistance is the responsibility of the Canton. In Geneva, its management is entrusted to the General Hospice. It has several objectives, notably to promote the social and professional reintegration of beneficiaries to enable them to return to financial independence.

Unemployed persons who have exhausted all their benefits can thus benefit from social assistance under the Law on Reintegration and Individual Social Assistance (LIASI) and its Regulations.

Training offered by MTC Training can be supported, partially or totally, in this context.

All registration is done through the social assistant.

Visit the website of the Hospice Général du canton de Genève, especially on the page dedicated to the end of unemployment rights.

Training and integration assistance measures are awarded under certain conditions set by law and according to the professional project developed with your social worker.

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