Microsoft Excel is the most used spreadsheet in the private and professional field.

Microsoft Office Excel- Base

Excel is the spreadsheet of the Microsoft Office suite. It integrates functions of calculation, graphical representation and data analysis. Among other things, it allows the realization of accounting and financial tasks.

Target audience
This course is for people who want to learn computer calculation tables. Whether it's accounting or statistics, the Excel program is the ultimate spreadsheet.


Acquire tools to create and manage numbers in tables and graphs. Master the techniques of manipulation and formatting of figures, making tables, calculations and graphs.

One week at half time, maximum 6 participants per class

Prerequisites for this training
Windows 7, 8, 10


Teaching method
The course "Excel Base" is based on a theoretical support, the practice by means of exercises related to the current professional situations, and a personalized coaching by a trainer. Each participant has a workstation.

Course content

  • Interface

  • File management (opening, closing and saving an Excel workbook)

  • Use Excel (move, select, undo, restore, width and height of rows and columns, cut-copy-paste, copy, auto-complete)

  • Handling a workbook (renaming a sheet, deleting the contents of a cell, deleting a sheet, moving, adding a row / column, deleting a row / column)

  • Cell formatting (character attributes, number formats, formatting, automatic formatting, reproduce formatting)

  • Calculations (4 basic operations, automatic sum, basic functions, function assistant)

  • The absolute reference

  • Date functions (dates and times)

  • The SI function

  • Charts (creating and editing a chart)

  • The layout (layout of a table, margins, headers and footers)

  • Printing (print preview, print options)

Certificate / Certificate
Certificate of participation
Certificate if the final test passed successfully
Certification of the level reached delivered on request




20 hrs / 1 week 

English or French 

Groups of 4 – 6 participants



CHF 700.-



Start every day

Contact us for all the details.

Schedule of classes:

Monday Friday

8:30 - 12:45

13:30 - 17:45

18:00 - 20:00