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Who is hosting this event?

This event is hosted by Lyn Lindbergh, the creater of Couch to Active and author of the award winning book, Couch to Active.

How much to I have to walk or exercise every day?

How much you exercise each day depends on your personal goals. Remember, it's all about simply getting out there and doing it. The challenge comes in not missing a day. On day one of the challenge we will talk more about how to decide what the right amount of exerercise is for you.

What happens if I miss a day?

First of all, if you miss a day because you are truly sick in bed you still get to mark it as successfull if you took a moment to give yourself compassion for the limitations you had on that day. This is harder than it seems which is why I call it a success. If you miss a day because you forgot, just wasn't feeling it, or fell into a carbohydrate pizza comotose, then take a moment to think through what happened, see if there are any lessons learned, and then move onto the next day with a fresh start. Please do NOT drop out even if you miss a lot of days. This is your health after all.

I have another question.

Please send questions to It would be our honor to help you make this event amazing!

Where to I track my progress?

This challenge includes an online element where you will mark each day complete. When you register you'll receive access to the challenge.

Do I have to walk? Or does other exercise count?

All exercise counts. The purpose of this challenge is to get us back into the habit of exercise as the weather gets colder and darker. You make your own daily goal for the month. I could be a daily walk, or sticking to your exercise plan, or a little of both. If you have special needs or are sick, then your success-goal for that day is simply to give yourself compassion and watch out for your negative self talk. That's a successful day. Also, be sure to check in daily on Facebook and cheer on the rest of the group.

What if I'm in a wheelchair, am blind, am going in for surgery, am having a baby, am dealing with anxiety, gained 100 pounds last year, or all of the above?

Please join us! Your daily goal will be based simply on thinking about what you can do on any given day and then giving yourself compassion for what you can't do. If you did what you could for a day, you get to mark it as a successful day...because it is.

What if I'm blind?

Welcome! This is my first year hosting this challenge with many blind participants. We've tested our system to the best of our abilites and it should be good. The live calls are on Zoom. All participants will receive email reminders for the Zoom calls with the Zoom link in addition to the Zoom links being in the challenge. At my parent company, Couch to Active, I have taught over 200 Zoom classes to the blind via Zoom, so we've got that one dialed in really well. If you have additional questions please reach out:

Can you just give me the skinny so I can skip this whole page?

Absolutely. In a nutshell, come to this challenge every day in the month of November and follow the task instructions for each day. Every Monday you'll see an extra task which is our LIVE Zoom call at 9 AM Pacific / 12 PM Eastern.

What are the live Zoom meetings?

Each Monday I host an actual live Zoom call. During this call I'll cover a topic to help get energized and motivated to succeed in the challenge. Then, I open the floor for any questions or success stories from the group.

When are the live Zoom meetings and will they be recorded?

Each Monday at 9 AM Pacific / 12 PM Eastern. The start of the meeting where I get you jazzed and motivated will be recorded. Then when I open the floor for questions or stories the recording will be stopped. A playback will be sent to you later in the day.

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