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Digital marketing manager

Digital marketing has profoundly changed the marketing practices of all companies and the customer journey: web, social networks, mobile, tablet ... consumer behaviors have evolved requiring specialists to reinvent themselves. From now on, digital is no longer a skill but the key to a successful career!

Course objective

  • Get a concise and focused overview of the key areas of marketing and digital communication in 10 modulations

  • Deepen marketing knowledge via e-mail, mobile and Social Media

  • Define the digital marketing strategy for the company

  • Prepare for the best Digital Marketing exam

Target audience

  • Young graduates looking for work who want to develop digital marketing skills

  • Person in career reorientation

  • Marketing and Communication Managers.

  • Business executives wanting to strengthen the presence on the Internet and social networks

  • Anyone looking for a career in digital marketing

  • Private social network users interested in developing professional skills in digital marketing

Course content


Module 1: Introduction to Digital Marketing
This module defines the fundamentals of digital marketing and the concept of digital marketing strategy for the company. The methodology of the Digital Marketing Institute is also discussed in detail.​

Module 2: SEO Search Engine Optimization
In this module various techniques to improve the positioning and ranking of a website in the search engines are examined. Learn the terminology and key concepts of SEO, acquire the technical know-how to develop an effective SEO strategy. Master the tools that help the major search engines in the localization, testing and evaluation of websites.

Module 3: Search Engine Marketing
Implement advertising campaigns by engines (Google Adwords ads, Bing Ads, etc.)

Module 4: Display Marketing
Define the terminology and concepts for an effective campaign in digital signage. Develop targets and analyze the effectiveness of campaigns.

Module 5: Email Marketing
Methods for creating successful and effective e-mail marketing campaigns. Four main aspects will be covered: subscription management, email design, delivery and reports.

Module 6: Mobile Marketing
Use of "mobile" technologies to keep in touch with the increasingly mobile target audience. Create an effective strategy for mobile marketing.

Module 7: Social Media Marketing (Part 1)
Know the different social media platforms and learn how to use them to communicate with customers.

Module 8: Social Media Marketing (Part 2)
How to implement Social Advertising Features to establish and maintain good relationships with customers? Reinforce the brand image in the digital world.

Module 9: Analytics
Evaluate, monitor, optimize digital marketing activities using Google Analytics.

Module 10: Strategy and Planning
Develop a plan for the company and develop an effective and profitable strategy for digital marketing. Development of a concept in three stages:

  • Situation analysis, information gathering and definition of target groups.

  • Objective development, selection of appropriate tools based on the target group adopted (n) and budgeting. Develop an action plan with milestones, mandatory results and resources.

  • Monitoring, analysis and continuous improvement of the marketing campaign.




40 hrs:

  • 10 half-days / 2 weeks:

     (Mon - Fri)

English (code E)


Groups of 4 - 8 participants


CHF 2'900.-


23 March 2020

40 hrs / 2 week

Mon - Fri: 8:30 - 12:45