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Digital Communication Manager


Involves the integration of content, connections, and community. This integration may allow a vibrant online community to develop, flourish, and ultimately, generate innovation for the organization.

Digital Communications generates 3 new digital careers:

  1. Digital Content Manager

  2. Social Media Manager

  3. Online Community Manager


Content may be curated or created and flows into social media channels to create an audience which consumes the content and “connects” with the content.


Digital Content Manager

  • Facilitates the content creation, curation, and distribution of content into the various social media channels.

As the audience grows on each social media platform, there may be participants who “engage” one with another.

Social Media Manager

  • Develops and monitors a Social Media platform portfolio consisting of Twitter, Facebook, LinkedIn, YouTube, and Instagram.

This engagement may develop into an on line community with collaboration and interactions as predominant community activities. As the community becomes more important.

Online Community Manager

As the community grows, an online community manager can emerge to manage the different elements and thus foster the development of that same community.

The 3 skill sets contributing to the success of an online community manager are content, social media and online communities.


Digital Communications Manager Curriculum (40 hours)

Digital Content Manager (15 hours)

  • Content creation, curation, re-packaging of existing content.

  • Content scheduling and distribution


Social Media Manager (15 hours)

  • Develop & Monitor portfolio for Twitter, Facebook, LinkedIn, YouTube, Instagram

  • Strategy and automation


Online Community Manager (10 hours)

  • Collaboration, engagement, automation, and growth





40 hrs:

  • 10 half-days / 2 weeks:

     (Mon - Fri)

English (code E)


Groups of 4 - 8 participants



CHF 2'900.-



23 March 2020

40 hrs / 2 week

Mon - Fri: 8:30 - 12:45