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What is Geneva Social Media about?

Geneva Social Media is a company focus on make a positive impact in your career and your business.

We developed a deep understanding of how social media changes our way to make business, think, and communicate. For that reason, we have two platforms (Training & Consulting) that complement each other, and can be combined to create the optimal solution for each customer.


Our training programs will help you to achieve your goals. You can choose between three courses depending on your level of knowledge and your professional purpose.

Acquire the skills to succeed !

Community Manager

Social Media Manager

Define powerful social media strategies using different platforms  and how to apply a variety of social media strategies that boost your creativity and make your business more profitable.

Growth Hacking

Growth Marketing is data-driven marketing based on rapid experimentation. A mixture of Behavioral Psychology, Creative Marketing, Coding/Automation, and Data/Testing.

Digital Marketing Manager

Profoundly changed the marketing practices of all companies and the customer journey: web, social networks, mobile, tablet.

From now on, digital is no longer a skill but the key to a successful career.

Digital Communications Manager

Involves the integration of content, connections, and community. This integration may allow a vibrant online community to develop, flourish, and ultimately, generate innovation for the organization.

Digital Assets & Innovation

Involves distinct methods and processes for  digital platforms,  management of “intellectual property” (IP) and the ways to monetize the intellectual property.