The “Blockchain Foundation for Executives” Masterclass Program focuses on the business side of Blockchain technology. Specifically developed for busy executives with business background, who have to take informed decisions, need to assess the risk and the opportunities of this new challenging technology. Our mission with this program is to give executives and professionals an insight on the benefits of the Blockchain and how companies can leverage this technology to generate value and competitive advantages. The “Blockchain Foundation for Executives” Masterclass Program is a 6 hours training session. It will focus on understanding Blockchain technology and how this technology can be applied to business applications. Participants will become proficient in identifying business opportunities that can advantageously utilize Blockchain technology. Upon completion, they will be able to grasp main concepts and key use-cases of Blockchain technology and be able to identify business opportunities across major industries.

Benefits for Participants

  • A business understanding of Blockchain
  • The ability to understand how distributed ledger principles, the backbone of Blockchain, can be applied to current business models
  • An evaluation of the impact of Blockchain to current businesses in industries such as finance, insurance, manufacturing, health, HR, NGO, science, real estate, retail, trade, transport, …
  • An understanding of the differences between industrial blockchain transactions and cryptocurrency transactions
  • Ready to design, develop, and implement a Blockchain project from idea to production (no coding, purely as a business team)

Course Outline

Blockchain Foundation for Executives Masterclass Program 1. Blockchain Technology

  • What is Blockchain?
  • Decentralization with Blockchain
  • Blockchain Architecture and Design
  • Opportunities through Blockchain
2. Blockchain Applications
  • Cryptocurrency
  • Digital Tokens
  • Smart Contract
  • Real Blockchain Application Case Studies
  • Blockchain Challenges and Risks
3. Cryptocurrency
  • What is Cryptocurrency?
  • Advantages of Cryptocurrency
  • Cryptocurrency Trading
4. Blockchain Resources
  • What is Ethereum ?
  • The Ethereum ecosystem
  • Intellectual Property and “intangible assets”
  • Opportunities with various Blockchain resources
5. Smart Contracts
  • What is a Smart Contract?
  • Configure and use the most common Ethereum clients
  • Design, develop, and implement smart contracts
  • Blockchain Challenges and Risks
6. Blockchain Solutions
  • Finance
  • Healthcare & Insurance
  • Retail
  • Manufacturing
  • Real Estate
  • Transportation
  • Government
  • Timing and Cost


  • Blockchain history: how did we get here?
  • What is Blockchain?
  • Business management and blockchain: how to deal with the sudden change this technology has brought to the traditional business world, what to expect in the next 10 years?
  • How is blockchain changing: Procurement, Transportation and Logistics, Warehousing, Invoice Settlement, Finance, Manufacturing, Trade, … ?
  • Introduction to Cryptocurrency
  • What is a Smart contract? It’s impact on Legal, Regulatory and M&A activity
  • Internet of Agreements (IoA): legal considerations for smart contracts
  • Sharing transaction data across a blockchain network: an opportunity or a risk?
  • Disruptive technology trends beyond blockchain: Cloud Computing, IoT, Artificial Intelligence - how are they changing your profession and how is human performance affected by these changes?
  • Decision making and hands-on project work on Blockchain (non-technical)

Target Roles Include

  • HR Management
  • Marketing/Sales
  • CR Management
  • Business Analysts
  • IT Leadership
  • Key Business Managers
  • Managed Service Providers
  • Government Officials

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  • Price: 600.00 CHF

  • Duration:  6 hrs: 1 or 2 days

  • Delivered by: Instructor-led  Classroom

  • Language: English

  • Capacity: Groups of 10 participants max.

  • Available: At our classrooms or on site at your location


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